IÉSEG invests in an e-learning platform for its customized programs

IÉSEG Executive Development accompanies many companies in their training projects by creating a range of skill development programs with them for their collaborators.

In order to enrich participants’ learning experience, IÉSEG Executive Development now provides its clients with an online platform that will accompany the learner at each step of the training process. Remote support is also strengthened thanks to the centralization of content. This provides great flexibility to its users: registration for webinars, evaluation of modules taken, consultation of additional educational resources, etc. The content is presented in an interactive way to increase participants’ involvement in their training course.

A forum is also available for groups of participants, enhancing interactivity with experts, community spirit and peer learning. This platform is completely integrated into the IÉSEG environment to further immerse the participant, developing their commitment and facilitating the acquisition of skills.

Karine TANGUY, Head of Operations for Executive Development and Innovation, explains,“Having a customized e-learning environment allows participants to immerse themselves in their skill development journey whenever they want and to stay connected outside of the modules. The learning dynamic is reinforced by better use of available resources and easier access to experts and the teaching faculty.”

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