Become an expert in negotiation with IÉSEG’s Master in International Business Negotiation

IÉSEG offers a wide range of programs to its students, covering many subjects related to business and management. Today, the School proposes 12 Specialized Masters, including a Master in International Business Negotiation. The latter helps professionalize the way the students are going to be working in international contexts and helps them to be better equipped to deal with the various challenges that they will be exposed to. But of course, in line with its Vision 2025, IÉSEG also aims to make its students sustainable and ethical in their thought leadership, so that while they are creating value for themselves, they also create value for the person sitting on the other side or all the parties involved as well.

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Negotiation is a wide topic and is present everywhere in our daily lives. Managers deal with suppliers, employees, other managers… Entrepreneurs may have to negotiate with investors, diplomats with international organizations, NGOs may have to negotiate to get fundings, etc. The Master aims to prepare all these different profiles to conduct negotiations in order to obtain what they need.

Understanding that people come from different backgrounds and therefore have different negotiation styles and use different language skill sets is key to the Master in International Business Negotiation. IÉSEG has also understood that people have different ways of learning and doing things. Therefore, it adapts its teaching methods to appeal to people from different backgrounds. Flipped classrooms, real cases, group projects… a lot of activities are proposed to enhance the students’ experience and ensure that they get the most out of their learning journey.

The School also invites professionals such as the CEO of Siemens Denmark to come in and talk to the students about various issues like sustainability. The students also have the opportunity to take part in competitions where they have to compete with other students from different schools and thus can showcase their talents. A course entitled “customer success” is also part of the curriculum and is quite unique as only a few other universities/Schools are offering a similar course.

The content of this Master is not only addressed to current students but also to graduates who need to keep learning while they are on the job. A webcast has thus been launched by the academic team and a podcast will then be available to alumni. The School is therefore, embracing new ways of sharing knowledge.

©IÉSEG/Barbara Grossmann

“There’s a reason why you want to be successful in negotiation, because yes, you want to achieve all that is good for your company or for your country or for your department. But you also want to do good for yourself as an individual. The idea is for us to train people who want to become diplomats, people who want to become entrepreneurs… So, for example, if I am in negotiation, it’s not just negotiating with my customers, it’s negotiating with my suppliers. It’s negotiating with my own investors. Of course, there’s always a commercial part to it. But I also could be an NGO, like a Trade Organization or like UNICEF for example”, says Deva RANGARAJAN, Academic Director of the Master in International Business Negotiation and professor of Marketing. He also adds that “different people come from different backgrounds with different levels of what negotiation is, and they come with a different language skill set. They might come with different work experience and essentially the whole idea is to provide value to everybody irrespective of what their background is. We also need to understand that learning as we know it today is different from many years ago where technology was not as advanced.”

Practical Information

  • Language: English
  • Location: Paris-La Défense
  • Cost: €16,500
  • Intake: September

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