The Master in International Accounting, Audit & Control, a stepping-stone to becoming a CFO in the future

While accounting professions are booming in France with more than 12,000 new recruitments expected in the field by 2025, the Master in International Accounting, Audit & Control of IÉSEG is perfectly adapted to the job market demand. This 18-month program completely taught in English, accessible with a Bachelor’s degree level, offers a solid foundation in financial reporting and analysis, management accounting and decision-making, corporate finance and advisory services. All the skills needed to find a job in the field and prepare for a successful career with the ultimate goal, for some, of becoming a Chief Financial Officer.

Whereas some programs focus only on one aspect of accounting such as audit, financial accounting or management control, IÉSEG’s Master in International Accounting, Audit & Control covers all these subjects to provide a deep understanding of accounting and finance to students. Furthermore, if graduates don’t need to be data experts to succeed in their field and become CFO, they do need to be able to work with data and manage different tools. The program thus offers courses on data visualization, data analytics, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). As Raúl BARROSO, Academic Director, explains: “the accounting profession results in a long-term career that requires to update your skills regularly, including the obtention of certifications, because it evolves constantly. Not only do we prepare our students to find a job in the field but also to adopt the right mindset – that is to keep evolving with the tools throughout their career path and eventually obtaining the right certifications.” Besides technical competencies, this Master also gives students a chance to explore different areas of management and acquire leadership soft skills.

During the program, students follow preparatory courses for the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification, which is recognized internationally. These preparatory courses are thus truly relevant for the Master in International Accounting, Audit & Control students who come from many different countries.

Even though most of the students in this program generally aim to integrate a large corporation or an audit firm after their studies, some of them may choose a different path and decide to launch their own company. This is why the program offers a novelty this year with a module on entrepreneurship.

To complete the program and become graduated, students must achieve a capstone project – either an internship, a work experience, a thesis or a consulting project, and they have the possibility to do it anywhere they want in the world. According to Raul BARROSO, “it is crucial for students to put their knowledge into practice to help increase their chances of finding job that suits them quickly upon graduation and being comfortable in their new position. The Capstone Project is an essential part of this practical training”.

Master in International Accounting, Audit & Control 
Duration: 18 months
Intake: September
Campus: Paris
ECTS credits: 120
Language: English