IÉSEG welcomes Navi RADJOU for an inspiring conference on the theme: “Leading wisely in the post-digital society”

Regularly, inspiring conferences are offered to all the School’s stakeholders (students, graduates, partner companies, parents, teachers and administrative teams). They aim to bring the School’s Vision to life while inspiring participants both professionally and personally.

Each academic year, several conferences are organized around various themes (Leadership, Management and Organization, CSR, Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, etc.). These conferences also allow everyone to exercise their critical thinking vis-à-vis the speakers and to confront different points of view on current topics.

On November 16, IÉSEG thus invited Navi RADJOU, a Franco-American researcher in innovation and leadership, for an inspiring conference on the theme of artificial intelligence: “Leading wisely in the post-digital society”.

Based on many inspiring stories of leaders in this field and on his book ‘From Smart To Wise‘, Navi RADJOU focused on the fundamental capacities that managers can develop and use to act on a daily basis. He thus examined how the post-digital conscious society, anchored by Generations Z and Alpha, will radically reshape the identity and core values ​​of organizations and reinvent the roles and responsibilities of leaders. Navi’s proven tools and framework help reflect, introspect and clarify the role of effective leaders, today and tomorrow. As Navi points out: “You can’t be smarter than AI, but you can be wiser than AI!”

During this conference, he also spoke about the six capacities of wise leadership to cultivate to help one’s company and employees to thrive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world:

  • Act authentically, appropriately and ethically
  • Unleash and harness the collective ingenuity of your teams
  • Make difficult decisions by integrating logic, emotions and intuition
  • Cultivate “adaptive resilience” by balancing strength and flexibility
  • Clarify the role of the manager and operate with a sense of purpose.
  • Maintain emotional stability by practicing “sincerity”

The conference attracted more than 700 people on campus and online, all of whom came with various issues and eager to obtain tools and keys to move forward in the world of today and tomorrow.

Navi RADJOU is a Franco-American researcher in innovation and leadership. After growing up in Pondicherry (India), he studied at the Ecole Centrale Paris and the Yale School of Management. A Fellow at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge and Vice-President of Forrester Research, a consulting and technology foresight firm in Boston, he received the prestigious “Thinkers50 Innovation Award” in 2013, awarded to a thinker in the management that changes the way we think about and practice innovation. A theoretician of the “frugal” economy, he advocates a new approach to innovation with his motto: “how to do better with less” and advises the largest international companies on innovation and leadership strategies. His book “Frugal Innovation: How to Do More with Less” shows how companies can innovate faster, better and cheaper in today’s economy, driven by consumers and shrinking resources.