Admission in MBA in Leadership and Coding

Leading a changing world and coding the future of business

  • Format

    2 semesters + Capstone Project

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  • Location

    Paris – France

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  • Intake


  • Credits

    90 ECTS


Admission requirements

The MBA in Leadership and Coding is aimed at graduates in any field with at least 3 years of fulltime and postgraduate work experience.
They are committed and open-minded, while demonstrating substantial potential for leadership and excellence.

What you need to apply :

  • A Bachelor degree in any field from a recognized university with strong academic performance
  • At least 3 years of full-time and postgraduate work experience
  • Transcripts in English/Spanish/French of your Bachelor degree (up to date if you have not graduated yet)
  • Your Bachelor diploma (if applicable)
  • A good command of English; English Proficiency test for non-native speakers: IELTS 6.5, TOEFL IBT 85, TOEIC 850, Duolingo 105, Cambridge Exam B2.
    Native English speakers or candidates who have had two years of courses taught in English are exempt.
  • Copy of passport
  • CV/Resume

You will also need to pay an application fee of 100€.

No prior knowledge of French is needed; however French language classes are mandatory for non-French speakers as part of the program.
A GMAT/GRE score is optional, not mandatory.

How to apply

Step 1: Complete your online application

Our application process is entirely online. Create your account online and fill in the required sections with your contact details, your academic and professional background, your achievements, as well as your motivation for pursuing the program.

You may save your work until you are ready to submit the application portfolio.

Application deadline for January 2021 intake:

  • November 22nd, 2020, for non-European candidates
  • November 22nd, 2020, for European candidates

Get started

Please note your application will not be reviewed by the Admissions Jury unless it is complete.

IÉSEG offers large numbers of scholarships in the form of tuition waiver (more information below). There is no separate application for scholarships and decisions are made by the Admissions Jury at the same time as applications are being reviewed.

Step 2: Interview with the recruiter

Once your application is submitted to your recruitment contact, you will be asked to attend a skype or phone interview with the recruiter.

Step 3: Final Decision

Once your application is complete, it will take approximately 2 weeks for the Admissions Jury to review your file and provide a final decision (admission and scholarship award – if any). Rolling admission is offered to qualified candidates from October 2019. Your official acceptance letter will be sent once you have secured your place in the program.

Funding & Scholarships

Tuition fees

€30,000 for domestic and international students.

Other mandatory fees can go up to €500 (including, for example, the Alumni Association fee).
Unlike some other countries where international students pay a much higher tuition than domestic students, there is NO difference between tuition for French and international students at IÉSEG.


IÉSEG offers large numbers of scholarships in the form of tuition waiver up to 50% for students who meet the various criteria for each case. No separate application is needed. Decisions will be made during admission commission and released along with admission decision.


20% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 610 and 640,

30% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 650 and 680,

40% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 690 and 720,

50% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score of 730 or higher

up to 25% reduction based on the applicant’s overall portfolio based on high levels of academic performance, rigor, motivation, extra-curricular activities and/or professional expertise

> An applicant can combine any of the scholarships received up to a maximum of 50% tuition reduction.

> All admitted applicants will be considered for scholarship automatically. There is no separate scholarship application.

> Decisions are made by the admissions jury during admission commission.

> These scholarships can be compiled up to 50% at the maximum.

Financial Aids

The choice to study abroad is not only an academic decision, but also a financial one. Students need to be aware of the various cost involved in pursuing a postgraduate’s degree at IÉSEG.

Eiffel Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Program offers funding for a Master’s postgraduate degree course and PhD. It is run by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Focusing on three key subject areas of sciences, economics and management, law and political science, its primary aim is to offer scholarships in French higher education establishments to future public and private sector decision-makers in foreign countries. As regards the Master’s degree course, students pursuing careers in teaching and research are not eligible as they can benefit from other grant programs.

It also seeks to encourage applicants from developing countries, particularly in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the new EU Member States, although this does include industrialised countries for the PhD component. The Eiffel Programme is designed to help French higher education establishments attract high calibre overseas students. Only French higher education establishments can submit applications and, if successful, they must enrol the candidates in the requested courses to obtain the Eiffel grant.

Note: The School must apply for the Eiffel scholarships on behalf of the selected students. All interested students please contact the Admission/Recruitment contact for the specific program for more information.

For more detailed information, please check


For American students please check with Sallie Mae for private loan options.
For Canadian students, please note that IÉSEG is recognized by and OSAP.

Country specific scholarships

All international students are encouraged to check with Campus France and their own government to see if there are any scholarships available.

Click here for further information on financial aid

General contact

Alizée RAYES