Digital Marketing Summer Program

Summer immersion in Paris.

  • Format

    2 weeks

  • Languages


  • Location

    Paris – France

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  • Credits

    6 ECTS


Each module contains a mix of lectures from both academics and professionals in the field. 

This program will give you the opportunity to learn the new media that are transforming the business landscape. You will walk away having used digital media tools, gained an understanding of their respective strengths, and the synergistic effect from an integrated marketing communication that leverages the wide array of available tools, including: social networks, microblogs, and more. 

You will also discover what Brand is–and isn’t –and how to explore the evolving world of Brand Management. You will gain an appreciation for the job of a Brand Manager who delivers a brand to you and your fellow consumers of today. You will leave having played the role of a brand manager in several ways and you will be able to audit and observe a real brand being managed in action. it will change the way you view your own experience with brands.


Students will learn basic knowledge in digital marketing through social media, but also through brand management. 

All of the key areas associated with the digital marketing, including marketing communication and strategy, positioning, the current strategies behind managing a brand in today’s digital and social world.


  • 2 intensive courses taught in English, 40 contact hours
  • Input from companies
  • 6 ECTS


Brand Management (16 Contacts Hours)




Brand Management, Trish RUBIN

At the end of this module students should be able to: 

Understand Brand as a concept and strategy that goes from individual to corporate brand

Develop an appreciation for the role of brand managers

Learn the current strategies behind managing a brand in today’s Digital and Social world

Employ a management model on a team for a real brand that goes from brand awareness to insistence using the framework of the 4C’s: context, customers, competition, and capability

Digital Marketing Strategy (16 Contacts Hours)




Digital Marketing Strategy, Maria ADAMAKI

At the end of this module students should be able to: 

Know the steps involved in developing an informed Digital Marketing Strategy

Understand the diversity that exists among digital platforms and their varied fit in creating value for the brand

Describe customer personas; identify micro-moments that help target customers achieve their objectives; employ a content matrix to develop sufficient content to meet customer needs across important micro-moments; and evaluate the potential for disruptive product/service design, based on reshaping the customer journey

Leverage customer stories to shape brand attitudes

Develop a deeper understanding of earned, versus paid, social media strategies

Create actionable insights from marketing data

Corporate Sessions (8 Contacts Hours)

Description (subject to change upon arrival)

Workshops (e.g.): Building your Personal Brand for Today for the New Web Free World of Tomorrow, Demystifying Trends & Cultural Strategy, Fundraising and Marketing for Non-Profits

Corporate talks (e.g.): Bla Bla Car

Grades and Credits

Students’ work is graded out of 20 points, the lowest passing grade is 10/20. Grades may be awarded for final examinations, individual and/or group papers and reports, and class participation. Most grades are a mix of several of these types of assessment.

Grades and Credits, Transcription and Credit Transfer

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