About the Specialized Master Programs

Which campus are the programs offered in?

When you join us here at IÉSEG, you will either be studying from our Paris Campus in the vibrant and bustling business hub of La Défense or at our original campus in the picturesque city of Lille.

> Master in Fashion Management (Paris)
> Master in International Business (Lille & Paris)
> Master in Strategy and Digital Transformation (Paris)
> Master in International Business Negotiation (Paris)
> Master in Finance (Paris)
> Master in Banking, Capital Markets & Financial Technology (Lille)
> Master in International Accounting, Audit & Control (Paris)
> Master in Big Data Analytics for Business (Lille)
> Master in Digital Marketing & CRM (Lille)
> Master in Business Analysis & Consulting (Paris)
> Master in Cybersecurity Management (Lille)
> Master in Management for Sustainability (Lille)
> Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Paris and London)

More information: www.ieseg.fr/en/programs/specialized-masters/

What language are the programs offered in?

Our Specialized Master Programs are entirely taught in English.

What is the length of the program?

3 terms + Capstone project.
Please note that we offer a January Intake for the MIB Program (Lille Campus only).

More information on the program structure: www.ieseg.fr/en/programs/specialized-masters/

What are the program recognition and accreditations?

Upon successful completion of the program, students will get the State-recognized ‘Grade de Master’* (“DESMI – Diplôme d’Études Spécialisées en Management International”), with the specialization mentioned (International Business, Fashion Management, Strategy & Digital Transformation, International Accounting Audit & Control, Finance, Banking, Capital Markets & Financial Technology, Business Analysis & Consulting, Digital Marketing & CRM, International Business Negotiation, Big Data Analytics for Business, Cybersecurity Management, Management for Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Innovation).

This Diploma is delivered by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and registered with the French RNCP (the National Registry of Professional Certification) under the number RNCP37390.

Can I learn French while studying at IÉSEG?

Yes, French language lessons for all levels are included in the program for international students. French is the mandatory choice for all non-French speaking students.

Why choose the Master in Finance rather than the Grande Ecole Program’s Master with a specialization in Finance?

The Master in Finance is designed for those who wish to work in international companies, or even have a career abroad. It is a program recognized worldwide and accessible to international students. Specialized Masters are designed to allow graduates to join international companies in France or abroad. Some Specialized Masters are even built in partnership with companies or organizations.
In any case, it will depend on the student’s project and objective. It is up to the students to decide if they prefer a shorter program (Specialized Masters) or if they wish to benefit from the Master of the Grande Ecole Program’s framework (to study at a partner university abroad for example).

I want to study the Master in Fashion Management, is it possible to pursue a Specialized Master after a Grande Ecole Program?

Yes, it is possible to pursue one of the Specialized Masters after the Grande Ecole Program. We offer students the opportunity to study a Specialized Master alongside their Master (the student will need to study an extra semester during the second year of Master).

Can I stay in France after graduation to look for a job?

Yes, when our students obtain the Grade de Master after their Specialized Masters, they can apply for an APS Visa and stay in France to look for a job for 1 year. Please note that the chances of getting a job in France will be lot higher if the student speaks French.

More details can be found here: www.campusfrance.org/

Admission & Fees

What are the minimum requirements in order to apply?

There are specific admission requirements for each of the proposed degree programs. For more information, please refer to the individual program page.

What is the admission procedure?

Our application process is entirely online at candidate.ieseg.fr., including all required supporting documents and a motivation video recording.

Tuition fees: same for domestic and international students?

Our tuition fees are the same for domestic and international students.

Do I need to speak French to join the program?

It is not necessary to speak French to join the program, all our courses are taught in English.

Are there any scholarships available?

IÉSEG offers large numbers of scholarships in the form of tuition waiver up to €5,000 for students who meet the various criteria for each case. No separate application is needed. Decisions will be made during admission commission and released along with admission decision.

€500 tuition reduction for all admitted applicants coming from one of our partner universities worldwide.

€1,000 tuition reduction for all applications submitted before February 1st, 2023.

€500 tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 650 and 680,
€1,000 tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score of 690 or higher.

Between €500 and €2,500 tuition reduction based on the applicant’s overall portfolio based on high levels of academic performance, rigor, motivation, extra-curricular activities and/or professional expertise.

Internships & Career Opportunities

Does IÉSEG help us to find an internship?

IÉSEG’s Corporate Relations department organizes regular meetings to inform students about available tools for researching internships. Students will also be able to connect on to IÉSEG’s website to browse postings for various internships.

Do I need to speak French to do an internship?

If you wish to find an internship in France, it is preferable to speak French.

What are the career opportunities following the Specialized Masters?

The career opportunities are different for each Master. You can find the list of the Specialized Masters by following this link www.ieseg.fr/en/programs/specialized-masters/ then visit the Master page that you are interested in, a tab « Career Opportunities » is available under each program page.

General contact

If you wish to obtain information about our programs and apply to IÉSEG, do not hesitate to contact our teams.

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