Alexandra MILKOVA

Master in Finance, 2023

Consultante Senior, EY


Before IÉSEG, I had graduated with a double degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance and Economics and a minor in Mathematics. I had previously held three internships: the first one was in one of the largest non-banking financial groups in Bulgaria; the second one in the financial markets division of UniCredit; and lastly, I interned at a private equity firm investing in renewable energy projects.  

I had always wanted to continue my studies in France as I found the country to be beautiful and full of opportunities. I had three main motivations for choosing IÉSEG as my top school: it closely followed the CFA curriculum (IÉSEG helped me pass the CFA Level 1 exam, as the two curriculums are truly similar); it delivered the Master in Finance program in English, which was non-negotiable for me as I couldn’t speak French at the time; and finally, IÉSEG offered significant merit-based scholarships.  

During my studies, I met many professors who taught their courses with a contagious passion. For example, I had never taken a specific liking to financial accounting as I found it quite dull. However, my Financial Accounting professor changed my mind completely, thanks to his enthusiasm and sense of humor.  

In addition to the professors who showed a genuine passion for their subjects, there were also professors who demonstrated an authentic concern for our growth and success after IÉSEG and supported us by any means possible. For example, one of them sent the whole class e-mails, months after graduation, letting us know about internship opportunities she had come across.  

Today, I am a Senior Consultant at EY, in the Valuation and Modeling team of the Strategy and Transactions department. I’ve participated in Valuation missions for various industries (renewable energy, oil and gas, private equity, tech, etc.) and for various purposes (restructuring, financing, M&A, etc.). I additionally take part in the ESG team, which provides due diligence and strategy services to clients.  

Published on: April 22, 2024

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