Executive MBA / Promo 2020

Business Development Manager, TRACTEBEL


As an engineer I have always worked in large-scale infrastructure construction in the energy sector. I had the chance to grow my career abroad with expatriations in Africa, China and Russia, but also with a wide variety of projects (hydroelectric, liquified natural gas, nuclear). I was involved in the management of these large projects, on both technical and contractual aspects.

After these very demanding professional experiences, I wanted to evolve on a more managerial level and to be involved in the development of the company’s strategy. I wanted to withdraw from the operational management projects, to take on a role with a much broader visibility over the company and its long-term objectives. The Executive MBA program allowed me to study while keeping working at my job, thus without giving up my income. It also allowed me to meet people with a lot more experience, which is, for a young person like me, very enriching!

IÉSEG has a very interesting approach to training, focused on human development. The program was in line with my professional objectives, and the “good feeling” during the interviews with the academic directors was really decisive!

It would be really difficult for me to say what I liked the most during this program because it is a very complete experience, but if I had to choose among all, it would be the diversity of the profiles that participate in the program, which makes the exchanges throughout the two years of the program very rich.

I loved the course in finance, the professor, Patrick DAGUET, is both passionate and didactic. I also really enjoyed the Business Game: I am a very competitive person, and this game is a very realistic simulation that puts us in a really fun competitive situation! On the other hand, the learning trip to South Africa was a very impressive experience. We were confronted with a reality that was totally different from ours, both on the cultural and economic side. Seeing the persistence and ingenuity of local entrepreneurs coming from the most impoverished areas of the country to advance their business is really inspiring.

Knowing how to balance personal, professional and student life is essential: you have to take on the workload but also the ‘mental’ overload for two years. In the end, it is really fun and I did enjoy it.

I recently changed jobs and I am sure that this diploma helped me in my approach to the job and the interviews. I have been appointed as Business Development Manager, a position that is in line with the goal I had set for myself when I embarked on the EMBA course.

During the Executive MBA, I discovered impact investing, a subject that has become a real passion and which was also the subject of my thesis. I would like to evolve towards the financing of the energy sector from an ethical and responsible perspective, which would allow me to leverage my international background and my knowledge of the energy and infrastructure ecosystem, at the service of the energy transition and energy access. Otherwise, I would like to work on the identification of disruptive technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of the planet.

I would give two pieces of advice to people who want to go into an EMBA. First, make sure you have a plan, go into the program with an already defined vision. Even if it can change during the program, you shouldn’t take this program just to add a nice line to your CV. It is not a miracle training and it will only be useful if it tells a story that makes sense with your ambitions. Don’t expect headhunters to fight to hire you after the training! The second piece of advice is to give it your all! You really have to make the most of the two years, learn, get the most out of all the experiences that make up the program, get involved in the activities and seminars. These two years are very intense but very impactful.

Published on: November 17, 2021

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