Mickael Mendes

MBA – Executive Track / Class of 2020

Global Program Director, MAERSK


Before joining IÉSEG, I did a BTS in International Commerce and a Bachelor’s degree in Transport and Logistics, and then I started working directly afterwards. I have always managed to evolve in my career even though I don’t have a Bac+5 degree, but I didn’t want this to become a barrier at some point. That’s why I chose to enroll in an MBA, and the MBA – Executive Track at IÉSEG caught my attention right away.

I was particularly impressed by some of the lectures. In particular, the finance, risk management, competitive strategy and global economics courses appealed to me because of their pragmatism on subjects that are at first glance very abstract.

I also particularly remember the Learning Expedition in South Africa and the discovery of the whole township ecosystem. It was something I had not suspected and there was something very “refreshing” to see businesses and initiatives operating and developing on the fly, without all the theoretical knowledge of business that is systematically applied in our developed countries. The contrast with the immersion in Silicon Valley the following year was really striking.

During the MBA – Executive Track, I was living in the Netherlands, and at the same time I was very involved in a personal project in Lille and in a sports project. The variety of these projects but also my visible progress in my studies clearly helped me to keep the pace until the end.

Thanks to this degree, I was able to move on to a new position within my company, Maersk, and by becoming “Global Program Director” I now hold a position of responsibility, in line with my original aspirations from the program. The IÉSEG MBA – Executive Track already gives me real credibility and allows me to project myself all the more easily in the next stage of my professional project.

When you want to do an MBA – Executive Track, you have to be aware that it will have a temporary impact on your personal life, but it is well worth it. The support of the IÉSEG team is very human and a precious help in the accomplishment of this personal challenge.

Published on: October 20, 2022

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