Vivek Raj

My engineering background and prior work experience with Accenture, together with my dreams of pursuing an international career, led me to my decision to enroll in IÉSEG MIB. Now, when I work for the Global HQ’s of a Fortune 500 company, managing operations across 20+ countries, I could not ask for anything more! Every single moment and every penny I invested in IÉSEG was worth it! To me, IÉSEG is not just a school, brand, or culture, it is an identity.

The exposure I received in terms of academics and culture was tremendous during my MIB program at IÉSEG. I had the opportunity to study along a diverse group of 16 different nationalities in MIB courses and 33 different nationalities, including the Erasmus students in my elective courses. This cross cultural experience is one of the key skills which have helped me to work seamlessly in an international career. The opportunity to customize the courses to our requirements and the Executive internship helps students to focus more on their field of interest, and apply the knowledge gained here directly onto real life.

The support of faculty, especially the course Director and the internship cell, is highly amicable. Most importantly, considering all of these in just one year, the amazing student life in Lille, the fact that you gain amazing friends all around the world and finally, the Master’s degree from a Grande École; I would strongly recommend our MIB program to you!

The bottom line is I enjoyed each and every single moment spent at IÉSEG in the last one year. If I had access to a time machine, I would for sure go back again! J’adore IÉSEG.

Published on: July 2, 2015