Creating a recipe for successful project management: a focus on IÉSEG’s project planning course & “Gantt Cuisine”

As part of their project planning course, around 90 students from the Grande Ecole Master in Management program have been asked to combine their culinary skills with the theory and software highlighted in their recent online classes.

Professor Stefan Creemers, who is in charge of this course, decided to integrate a new case activity into his project management/planning course called “La Gantt Cuisine”. His students (from the Operations & Supply Chain Management major) have all been asked in recent weeks to use the project management software Trello to manage a mini-project where they devise and cook a recipe.

“All of the recipes must then be transformed into a Gantt Chart, a widely used project management tool named after its creator Henry Gantt,” he explains.

“The charts enable the students to illustrate their project schedule, in this case the preparation and realisation of a recipe they have developed.”

The feedback from the students has been very positive so far, he notes adding: “the aim has been to create a fun but very practical way to introduce them to tools such as Trello and Gantt Charts that will be very useful for them when they are managing projects in the professional world. In the current context, I hope they found this a very useful way to complement their online learning.”

Testimonial from IÉSEG Student Hugo CHAIX DE LAVARENE, who appreciated the methods used in this module:

“The Gantt-chart module was extremely smart, as the professor managed to make us work on a practical case, using the theory that was clearly explained in class. We also had the opportunity to apply this lesson with a kind of reward (our recipes) at the end. Furthermore, it allowed us to collaborate and interact with friends (which has not been easy in the current context) and to discover very useful tools while learning them “on the spot”. For example Trello, that I now also use for other projects…”