“Master Your Future”: the first IÉSEG Career Bootcamp

On May 22 and 23, 2024, IÉSEG held its first Career Bootcamp entitled “Master Your Futureon its two campuses: Lille and Paris-La Défense. This unprecedented event brought together over 1,000 students in the Master cycle of the Grande École Program, with the aim of preparing them for a successful transition to the professional world.

Escape Game Career Bootcamp
Escape Game – Career Bootcamp

An escape game to mark the opening of the Career Bootcamp 2024

To kick off the two-day event, an escape game developed by IÉSEG, in partnership with the CETI (Center for Educational and Technological Innovation) and the agency “Urban Gaming”, was organized to give students an immersive experience to better understand the evaluation criteria applied by recruiters during job interviews. This innovative method is being adopted increasingly by major companies (including PWC, Accenture, Renault, Accor, BNP Paribas…) as part of their recruitment process.
After the kick-off, students were challenged to solve riddles and take on challenges as a team, within a given timeframe. This activity enabled students to call on the interpersonal skills commonly known as “soft skills” that they have developed throughout their time at IÉSEG, notably through their various activities (business games, group projects, internships, exchanges abroad, etc.): collecting information, managing contingencies, adaptability, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communicating to achieve a common goal.

“I found it useful to make the link between the skills developed in the escape game and the skills we learned on the academic level at IÉSEG. I think this game really helped us to see how we work as a team, with people we don’t know.”

Inspiring workshops and mini-forums for advice and networking

IÉSEG Career Bootcamp

Over the two days, students took part in workshops and mini-forums with 30 partner companies. They were able to meet and discuss with experts on one of five different themes:

“Mastering your start: navigating the first 100 days in a company: real stories, real strategies” with AB InBev, OPTEAMIS, Unilever France, EY, Protect & Gamble, Bakertilly, SAEGUS, Univers Retail, IBM , Fed Finance, Leroy Merlin, and Mondelez International.

“Master your singularities: transforming differences into assets” with Accenture, Aportée d’Elles, DoctoLib Italy and Oney Bank.

“Mastering collaboration: innovation and transversal work through a consulting posture” with Allianz Trade, MC2I, Lucca, BearingPoint Luxembourg

“Master powerful connections from day one” with Michael Page and Bloomberg LP, as well as OKAIDI-IDKIDS and Page Groupe

“Bridging the gap: navigating intergenerational dynamics in the workplace” with LinkedIn, LCL, BNP Paribas, Bonduelle, Majorel, and Club V.I.E.

“We had an incredible time interacting with students at the IÉSEG Bootcamp on the Lille campus! Our team from BearingPoint Luxembourg led a captivating workshop on ‘Mastering collaboration: innovation and transversal work through consultancy’. It was inspiring to see the active participation and commitment of the students!

Dylan DENGLER, Talent Acquisition Specialist at BearingPoint Luxembourg

Testimonial from an expert: Fabienne ARATA-CAMPS, LinkedIn France

Participants had the opportunity to watch an exclusive interview with Fabienne ARATA-CAMPS, Country Manager of LinkedIn France, who gave advice on how to optimize LinkedIn profiles. At the same time, the students met graduates who shared their professional experiences and gave practical advice, particularly on navigating a first job and succeeding in a competitive job market. These enriching exchanges enabled students to gain a better understanding of the professional world and actively prepare for their future.

IÉSEG Career Bootcamp

On to the end!

Before bringing the two-day event to a close with a networking cocktail, Caroline ROUSSEL, Managing Director of IÉSEG, gave an inspiring speech, highlighting the academic paths of a number of students. She emphasized the School’s values, highlighting their uniqueness and their pride in being part of the big IÉSEG family and IÉSEG Network (the School’s alumni network) before they set off to begin their professional careers.

“The Career Bootcamp was a special moment in the lives of students to test their knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills through meetings and exchanges with our partner companies and alumni. It was a fantastic networking and learning opportunity, marking a key stage in their transition to the professional world!”

Laure QUEDILLAC, Director of Corporate Relations at IÉSEG.
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