Franco-Brazilian business: a conference to connect entrepreneurs 

On November 9th, IÉSEG hosted a conference led by “France Brésil Empreendedores” (FBE), the first non-profit association dedicated exclusively to small and medium businesses that want to cross the Atlantic to do business. Created by four non-profit Brazilian entrepreneurs including Roberto ABRAMOVICH, professor of Marketing at IÉSEG, the group was launched with nine associated companies, with the expectation of growth in view of the market’s potential. 

“France Brésil Empreendedores” will leverage Franco-Brazilian businesses through technical and behavioral approaches, not only providing contact lists but also effectively connecting its associates with each other and with dozens of angel investors, venture capital funds, accelerators and other institutional investors through face-to-face and virtual meetings. To achieve that goal, the main objective for the association now is to grow the associates base – which is fundamental to create a business multiplier effect and a representative group to deal with the competitive and cultural challenges of doing business in a different country.


During the conference, Roberto ABRAMOVICH explained the importance of having such an organization that bring together entrepreneurs in the Innovation & Tech sector to develop business both in Brazil and France. “The great challenge in this process of expansion and growth is to achieve business objectives, but also to do it quickly and effectively. When people start to unite and achieve their goals in a more collegial way, it triggers group power. And we are already feeling that. Even with few members, we have had the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Brazil in France, the Brazilian Embassy in France and other associations in Brazil because they understand that this challenge concerns everyone involved in entrepreneurship”.

Two top speakers were invited to take the floor – Marcos LIMA and Franck MATHOT about competitiveness and intelligence. LIMA is a professor, researcher and consultant who has lived, worked and studied in many countries including France and Brazil. He teaches technology and innovation management, marketing, cross-cultural behavior and knowledge management. MATHOT is an expert in Competitive Intelligence for business development in France and abroad. For the past 20 years, he has been advising and supporting the strategic decision-making of many multinational companies by providing qualified information.

Franck MATHOT showed an interesting perspective about the good use of Competitive Intelligence for business development in France. He explored the Competitive Intelligence approach to develop keys to understanding the French market and looked at the elements that make it a powerful way to reduce uncertainty in the process of strategic thinking among leaders.


Marcos LIMA discussed how French and Brazilians can work better together, exploring the concept of Cultural Intelligence and analyzing the main differences in Brazilian and French mentalities. He looked at historical elements that formed the “mythology” of these two countries, and how the collective unconscious of the two peoples affects the way they communicate, manage projects or negotiate.

To conclude this event, Rafael Sasso introduced a case called Metaverse as a Capital Markets operating infrastructure. He explored the dynamics of the pandemic, security, globalization, and hybrid work that have altered the ways of doing business.

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