IÉSEG launches a new ‘Executive Mastère Spécialisé®’ dedicated to transformation and human development

More than ever, the world in which we evolve is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), it is therefore becoming essential for companies that their leaders and managers develop new human skills and an agile posture to drive permanent change and deliver sustainable performance. To meet this need expressed by many companies, IÉSEG has decided to launch a new ‘Executive Mastère Spécialisé®’  in “Transformation and Human Development Management” for the next academic year.

In a world that is more than ever hyper-connected but in search for a meaning about the role of the human being, the Human Resources function is no longer aligned, it is shared between strategic and innovative experts and leaders who create sustainable engagement. The challenge of the future of work is to transform organizations with and through all their players, and to consider human development in the same way as economic issues. It is for those who share this vision that we have imagined and built this program of individual, managerial and organizational transformation”, explains Bernard COULATY, Academic Director of this new program, Professor of Leadership and Human Resources at IÉSEG and former international HR Director in major CAC 40 companies.

In other terms, the ‘Executive Mastère Spécialisé®’ ” Transformation and Human Development Management ” is particularly well suited not only to HR experts involved in talent development and change management in companies, who wish to develop their strategic vision and leadership, but also to all operational leaders and future executives who will have to implement transformations integrating human development in their organization.

This innovative program has four pedagogical objectives:

  • To acquire a strategic vision of human resources through a holistic approach to the organizational and human challenges of the company,
  • To integrate the individual, managerial and organizational dimensions of a successful and sustainable transformation,
  • To acquire the tools and methodologies of transformation and human development by activating the drivers of change (actors, values and systems),
  • To develop one’s leadership skills in order to position oneself as a change facilitator and strategic partner in the field of human resources of the future.


It is above all necessary that the leaders of tomorrow are able to project themselves personally in a training program where “Being” is as important as “Knowing and Doing”.  This is why this program innovates in its approach and especially in its focus on the individual and its impact on the team.  The combination of theoretical and practical sessions will bring the maturity in decision-making and observation that is sorely lacking in organizations today,” highlights Philippe BONNET, Global Head People Transformation at EssilorLuxottica.

At the end of the ‘Executive Mastère Spécialisé®’ ” Transformation and Human Development Management “, participants will know how to integrate the impact of the VUCA world and the future of work on the evolution of their organizations; understand the individual and interpersonal drivers that facilitate commitment and positive transformation; develop engaging leadership and an understanding of collective and team dynamics; challenge the internal organizational and cultural model to activate the drivers of global performance; build a positive employee experience and a talent attraction and development strategy; and lead change by integrating social responsibility and positioning HR as a strategic partner.

To achieve these ambitious goals, participants will live a full and varied educational experience, in line with the program’s vision. In addition to in-class courses, divided into six modules, they will participate in co-development activities, inter-generational workshops, days of immersion in companies with transformation diagnostics, as well as individual, team and organizational coaching, leading to the IÉSEG ‘CoMeT’ Certificate (Coaching and Mentoring of Transformation).  Finally, their course will end with a Capstone Project, a professional thesis on the implementation of a concrete project of transformation or managerial innovation related to the company in which the Master’s participant works.

If you share our vision of transformation and human development and wish to embody and lead this change at a high level in your professional career, then this program is for you, join us in the IÉSEG ecosystem!“, concludes Bernard COULATY.

Practical Information 

Starting date: October 2022
Duration: 12 months
Pace: 3 days every 3 weeks
Location: Paris-La Défense campus
Language: French

All information about the program (in French):

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