Pierre Grabarz

Executive MBA / Promo 2018

Performance & Projects Director, TRANSDEV FRANCE


Before joining the IÉSEG Executive MBA, I had 10 years of experience in project management in the aeronautics, defense, nuclear energy and other fields, with an international profile. What made me decide to join the EMBA was my desire to take a step forward in terms of leadership, to broaden my spectrum of vision in different fields, while realigning myself with the humanistic aspects that correspond to me.

The Leadership & Sustainability aspect, strongly emphasized in this program, immediately appealed to me because of my humanist sensitivity and convinced me to go for it.

During my studies at IÉSEG, I particularly appreciated the range of subjects covered: the teaching was very rich, with red threads such as working on oneself, the keys to team confidence… Many of these courses still resonate with me today in the company.

The courses that I appreciated the most were those on the keys to team trust, finance, organizational design and strategy, because they gave me knowledge and soft skills that I didn’t necessarily have before.

To succeed in an Executive MBA, it is fundamental to be able to devote personal time to study, to work well on the subjects and to really appreciate all the material that is being taught. It is a habit to (re)take every night, but it is also a pleasure because it opens the doors to new dimensions and it is very stimulating.

At the end of my program, I joined Transdev, a company with which I was more in line in terms of corporate vision and values. The curriculum showed me the field of possibilities and allowed me to change both sector and job. Today, I continue to use the lessons of the Executive MBA every day. I find answers in the problems I encounter in terms of team management, alignment between strategy, tactics and operations…

I advise future EMBA students to make the most of this privileged moment, to take the time to dig deep into the subjects of the business cases, because the situations we have to manage in the company are generally very similar and the knowledge acquired can then easily be put to good use. The humanistic side of IÉSEG provides a caring and dynamic environment that makes it easier to cope with the workload during the two years of EMBA.

Published on: June 22, 2022

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