Exchange Programs

IÉSEG offers bachelor’s and master’s (MSc) students the possibility of spending part of their degree studying in a number of partner universities around the world. Participating in the exchange program is not mandatory in IÉSEG curriculum, but 8 out of 10 students take advantage of this opportunity. With more than 230 partner universities in over 60 countries, IÉSEG sends more than 800 students to its exchange partners for a study abroad experience.

From their second year of a bachelor’s program, students can study abroad at a partner university once or twice in their 5-year curriculum (Grande École Program). The academic calendar is organised so that students may easily access courses in other universities: with two semesters (September – December and January – May), the School operates in the ECTS credits system. IÉSEG students play the role of ambassador of their home school and university abroad.

The principles of the exchanges:

  • The exchange may be over an academic year (bachelor’s period) or for a semester or academic year (MSc program).
  • The exchange programs include students on the second and third year of the bachelor’s program as well as MSc students.
  • Students pay their tuition fees to IÉSEG even when abroad on an exchange program, and do not pay any fees to their host university.
  • The number of students sent to each university is limited in order to facilitate their integration.
  • Academic credits obtained at the host university are recognised by IÉSEG.

Whether IÉSEG students choose to go abroad or not, IÉSEG still welcomes many exchange students from international universities, which creates a multicultural and enriching environment on both campuses.