A focus on IÉSEG’s MSc in International Accounting, Audit and Control

November 30, 2017

accounting-homeIn order to keep up with ever-evolving work environments, IÉSEG has added certain elements to its Master of Science in International Accounting, Audit and Control. This intensive one-year international program, taught entirely in English, is aimed at students looking for a solid foundation in financial reporting and analysis; in management accounting and decision-making; and financial advisory services.

For the 2017/2018 academic year, IÉSEG has added a new course on Data and Analytics to the program, which seeks to prepare participants for the digitalization of accounting/financial careers. Participants also benefit from reinforced preparation for admission to global professional accountancy bodies (Complete Certified Management Accountant® (CMA) Exam preparations allowing exemptions towards the ACCA Professional Examinations and alignment with the CIMA’s Masters Gateway).

“This program will allow students to be better equipped to face emerging trends in the workplace. We aim to provide participants with the different tools they will require during their careers and with practical experience of the technologies they will use,” noted Raul Barroso, the program’s Academic Director.

During the 2017/2018 academic year, more than 20 participants from 16 different nationalities are enrolled in the program, which is taught at the Campus at Paris La Défense. “During my time at IÉSEG, I have had the chance to connect with colleagues from all around the world, providing me with experiences and cultural background that have enriched my skills and knowledge,” explained Amanda BERNAL ASTRAIN,  who pre-graduated from the program this summer.

“It’s great that industry leaders bring their practical knowledge to the classroom for students to put the theoretical frame work into context. I also love studying in Paris, there is always something going on in the city.” she added.img-une-accounting-2017

Throughout the academic year, and within the framework of IÉSEG’s partnerships with Deloitte and the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business (IMA), participants attend corporate talks and a number of other activities to network and become acquainted with the business world. They also have access to the growing Alumni association (IÉSEG Network), which helps shape the program, increases its visibility, and provides a network for their future careers.

Scholarship Information

IÉSEG provides a variety of possible scholarships to prospective students.

This MSc program gives students the opportunity to obtain the Certified Management Accountant® (CMA®), a globally recognized certification for management accountants and financial professionals and a gateway to other certificates. IÉSEG School of Management is eligible to receive 10 student scholarships for the CMA® Program each year. The students who choose to take the CMA® Exam are offered 32 hours of courses plus individual coaching to prepare specifically for this exam.

IÉSEG students from the Grande École program have the possibility to apply to this program and obtain a double degree (Grande École and MSc in International Accounting, Audit, & Control).