IÉSEG is committed to integrating corporate employees into the educational life of the School. Therefore, companies can help in the construction of educational programs by being a part of a Program Review Commission, participating in class, coaching students during mock interviews, etc.

Help in building Educational Programs

The PAB (Professional Advisory Board) is a true think tank and action structure involving teachers and business executives, who actively participate in the development of new syllabuses. Members review all of the courses and modules, and recommend content adjustment.

This work group feeds the pedagogical team’s reflection on the evolution of education in order to adapt  programs to companies’ needs.

Get involved with IÉSEG School of Management

You may want to join IÉSEG as a lecturer, speaker or host of thematic seminars.

IÉSEG’s main concern is to provide its students with quality academic education which is constantly in line with the reality of the professional world.

That is the reason why the school relies on you and your industry and trade expertise in order to provide concrete evidence that illustrate the theories taught in class.

These presentations are usually between 1hr 30 to 3 hours long and require very little preparation beforehand.

You may also want to invest more time in a complete module of courses (18 hours on average).

Depending on the courses provided in the Bachelor cycle (1st – 3rd year), courses are taught in English or French. For the Master cycle (4th – 5th year), all classes are taught in English.

You may want to participate in some of the following disciplines:

  • Team Management
  • Sales Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing
  • International Negotiation
  • Information Systems
  • Operations Management
  • Audit and Management Control
  • Finance
  • Economy
  • Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation

Help our students to better understand the business world

We organize half-day HR coaching workshops to prepare and help integrate our students into the business world. These workshops in English or French, last 30 minutes, during which the students will sell themselves using their CV. The session is followed by a debrief providing practical information and advice for improvement.

This is a very important exercise because it enables students to acquire and use business language and techniques crucial for succeeding in employment interviews. These training sessions take place on our two campuses (Lille & Paris-La Défense).