2024 Créenso Prize: discover the 15 social companies supported by IÉSEG students thanks to a sponsorship of skills!

On Thursday, January 25, IÉSEG and the Ceetrus Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, led and managed by Nhood France, selected the 15 finalists for the Prix Créenso 2024, the French National Prize for Social Entrepreneurs. Launched in 2011, this Prize aims to help young companies with a human and social focus to grow and increase their visibility and reputation. Since its creation, more than 120 companies have already been rewarded.

These 15 social companies, selected by a jury of professionals and students, will benefit from a sponsorship of skills by being accompanied throughout the semester by Master students from IÉSEG’s Grande École Program. These students will share with the founder their knowledge in Marketing, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Strategy… according to the needs of each company. This sponsorship of skills is integrated into the students’ curriculum and allows them to experience a concrete situation of business consulting.

This kick-off day was also the opportunity for all 15 entrepreneurs to meet their partner students who will be supporting them, either individually or in groups. At the end of the semester, the best projects will be rewarded with a total of €25,000.

The 15 finalists of the 2024 Créenso Prize are:
Informa’truck is the first network of inclusive workshop-trucks that repair PCs, smartphones and tablets in rural areas, to fight digital exclusion while promoting the inclusion of disabled people who are far from employment.
Les Fringues Store Associatif aim is to help single-parent families with children aged 0 to 12, living in the city’s priority neighbourhoods and in receipt of minimum social benefits.
Haut la Consigne supports residents and companies in the Hauts-de-France region in an environmentally-friendly approach to the local circular economy by developing the container reuse sector.
Reyouzz is a complete, 100% circular ecosystem from collection to new life for everyday objects, with a connected terminal that assesses the value of products according to their condition, buys back what can be reconditioned, and rewards items that are sent for recycling with vouchers.
Cologia is an intergenerational place, a shared apartment for eight people in need of support for their intellectual, cognitive or motor skills, and two young working people or students.
L’Escolinas trains young people who have dropped out of school, redirecting them towards manual jobs in the ecological transition.
• The Métamorphose network federates players in the fields of social integration and disability, who recycle waste by creating original, handcrafted French accessories and clothing from advertising tarpaulins, inner tubes, jute canvas, work clothes, etc., collected from local authorities, companies and individuals.
L’Envers du Grenier is an association that is setting up a recycling center, a resource café and an intergenerational hub in Central France (close to Lyon) to contribute to the ecological transition and combat isolation through a strong participative approach.
SEM Habitat Durable is the first social real estate agency to link owner-landlords with non-profit organizations to house their beneficiaries.
Welcome Account is a neo-bank offering accessible and inclusive banking services to all immigrants, whatever their reason for arrival.
Ellii supports seniors and their caregivers through its web application in a personalized and preventive way, with adapted activities to stay in shape.
Laco’Work & Co is a third-party facility that brings together practical and functional spaces such as a launderette, a retoucherie, a restaurant and co-working areas.
Hexeco, based in Toulouse, is a sports recycling shop. Its aim is to promote anti-waste sports at low prices and accessible to everyone.
Sensations Inclusives aims to improve access to sport and develop healthy sports for people with disabilities, who are often far removed from sport.
Quartier Libre is an innovative, collective solution to support local authorities in the rehabilitation and management of unfit vacant buildings as housing and/or places of common interest.

See you in May 2024 to discover the winners of the 2024 Créenso Prize!

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