Bachelor in International Business (BIB): Focus on the business models and innovation course

In the framework of their Business Models and Innovation course in the BIB program, 3rd-year students work in groups on real issues and challenges provided by companies, and then present the company with a set of recommendations.

24 Students have therefore recently worked on a project to help a local company l’Échappée Bière, a company specializing in tourism, events etc. in the brewing and beer sector. They were asked to look at elements related to the company’s value propositions, including B2C and B2B ideas.

Five teams of students pitched their proposals via Zoom to two owners of l’Échappée Bière, who were impressed by the creativity of the students’ ideas. Their proposals included suggestions for new product offering, attracting different types of customers etc.

“I was impressed with the amount of research and the quality of the presentations IÉSEG students provided us! All teams adopted different angles for L’Échappée Bière to improve its business model. We will definitely include various of their ideas into our next strategic actions!’’ – Aurélie BAGUET, owner and founding member of L’Échappée Bière.

In past years, students have worked for a range of companies on business model related issues including Kiabi and Leroy Merlin. Catherine ARCHAMBAULT, the Professor of this course, explains that this course aims to help students:

  • Understand what the business model concept is, where it comes from, and how it is different from strategy.
  • Understand what business model innovation is and its main unit of analysis. Identify the resources and competences required to innovate on a business model.
  • Understand what platform business models are, along with their main strategic and management challenges.
  • Understand the particularities of sustainable business models and business models of the sharing economy.

“I believe leading these projects is important for IÉSEG students,” she notes. “First, it enables them to have a real experience and interaction with companies. Second, it provides them with an interdisciplinary project, applying both business model knowledge and knowledge from other classes as well (e.g. finance, human resources, etc.).”

“In the context of the difficulties caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, I think this was a great opportunity for them to feel they could have an impact and work with a local company,” she added.

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