Capgemini, a committed partner of IÉSEG’s Master in Big Data Analytics for Business

The Master in Big Data Analytics for Business is designed to help students master the business skills, methods, and analytical tools needed to turn Big data into Big insights. Indeed, in a hyper-connected world, data provides the opportunity for companies to align their marketing, financial, and operational strategy with facts and data. In order for students to become data-driven managers capable of identifying analytical opportunities in a given context, IÉSEG has developed this program. It relies on an internationally recognized faculty, a pedagogy based on the latest technological advances, and partnerships with key companies in this sector, such as Capgemini.

Capgemini was a long-time partner of IÉSEG. When we launched the Master in Big Data Analytics for Business, we were looking for a company with a long-term commitment to contribute to the program’s pedagogical content. As Capgemini is one of the best companies both nationally and internationally in terms of Business Intelligence and Data Science, this collaboration was important to us in order to be able to adapt the training quickly to the needs of the market”, explains Kristof COUSSEMENT, Professor in Business Analytics at IÉSEG and Academic Director of the Master in Big Data Analytics for Business.


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Indeed, the Data market is very recent. With the boom of social networks and connected devices, a huge amount of information (messages, videos, GPS signals, online shopping transactions, personal information, etc.) is created every day. Companies are increasingly learning to use this information to define or recalibrate their strategies. So, this is an area where technologies are evolving very quickly. For Capgemini, the world leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services, employing more than 325,000 people worldwide, including 37,000 in France, this is a major challenge.

Ludovic THERETZ, Executive Partner – Insights & Data France at Capgemini, adds: “In a world that is changing very quickly, it is essential that we adapt at the same speed, and even be one step ahead. We need to recruit talents who are at the cutting edge of the latest technological developments and knowledge. We rely on schools that have the same agility and the same requirements as we do. IÉSEG is aligned with our challenges and knows how to adapt the pedagogical content of its program constantly and rapidly to be in phase with the needs of the market. This is why it is very interesting for us to be a partner of the Master in Big Data Analytics for Business.”

The know-how and knowledge were essential, of course, but there was another element that was just as fundamental that convinced Capgemini right away: the international environment that this program offers. The professors and students come from all over the world. “When you work in consulting, digital transformation, and even more so in the field of technology services, you very often evolve within integrated teams, in a very partnership-based posture with our clients, and part of the teams are often located abroad – in India, China, Morocco… The interpersonal skills and the intercultural dimension are therefore essential: you have to have the curiosity to open up, to go towards others, to understand how these people work and get involved in a group. This posture of consultant in an international context is very specific, and few schools, like IÉSEG with this program, prepare their students for it,” adds Ludovic THERETZ.

In concrete terms, Capgemini is regularly involved throughout the year through expert presentations to students in order to highlight certain technological developments. Jean-Alexis VERGUET, People Unit Manager, leads a business case on the theme: “How data and innovation can improve store experience and create a link with the brand” in the course of Joao VIEIRA DA CUNHA, professor in information systems and director of research at IÉSEG.

Last November, Ludovic THERETZ also welcomed the participants of the Master in Big Data Analytics for Business to the company’s regional headquarters, based in EuraTechnologies, for a presentation of activities related to Data and innovation. This behind-the-scenes look at the world of consulting allows for a better understanding of the close relationship that prevails between all the teams and the regular exchanges between experts from all the different professions. Job dating and mock interviews are also organized regularly so that young IÉSEG graduates who have joined Capgemini can share their experience and best practices for successful integration into the professional market. Finally, recruitment sessions for end-of-study internships or first jobs allow Capgemini to recruit, each year, graduates of the Master in Big Data Analytics for Business but also of all IÉSEG programs.

In the future, many projects are being considered to enrich this partnership, such as business cases based on the real issues of Capgemini’s clients, 24- or 48-hour hackathons to create even more connections between students and the company and to promote the creativity of IÉSEG students to propose new ideas and solutions. Capgemini will be even more involved in the academic dimension of the program to ensure that it is always better adapted to the needs of cloud and data companies.

Thanks to Capgemini’s involvement in this program, the educational content is constantly adjusted to bring our students up to the level of knowledge and performance expected by all market players, both in France and internationally. By anticipating technological developments in the sector and providing our future graduates with a strategic and business-oriented vision of data analysis, the MSc in Big Data Analytics for Business is a major asset for the professional success of our students,” concludes Kristof COUSSEMENT.

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