IÉSEG launches a new apprenticeship program : « Data Analytics and Visualization » in September 2024

As a priority area of development for the School, and as part of its 2022-2027 strategic plan, IÉSEG is expanding its range of apprenticeship programs offered in the Master’s cycle of its Grande École Program and will launch, at the beginning of the next academic year (2024-2025), a new track entitled “Data Analytics and Visualization”, co-developed with Le Wagon, one of the world’s leading coding and data schools, which has trained 22,000 people in Tech professions since 2013.

As Carin VENTER, Academic Director of this new apprenticeship program, explains, “Data analysis and visualization are among the most sought-after professions in business today. Indeed, all departments (marketing, sales, finance, CSR, accounting, customer service…) collect data, and knowing how to understand it, analyze it, and make it accessible to all, is a strategic challenge for all companies. Students will be trained to identify significant trends, propose precise and usable solutions, and build visual dashboards and management tools. This track therefore offers highly practical teaching, which has been specifically developed in partnership with Le Wagon to meet current business needs.

Over the 2 years of the Master’s program, with 3 weeks spent at the company and one week at IÉSEG, the “Data Analytics & Visualization” work-study program is organized around two teaching areas, a general one (260 hours) and a professional one (350 hours). These are complemented by a “Data Analytics” bootcamp (360 hours) taught by Le Wagon. This will lead to a certificate issued by Le Wagon in addition to the IÉSEG Grande École Diploma.

Among the courses taught during these two years, we can find “Critical Systems Thinking and Problem Solving”, “Agile Management of IT Projects”, “Managerial Skills and Leadership”, “Management of the Data Analytics Lifecycle”, “Data Modeling Methods”, “Managing Data in an organization (strategy, ethics, governance, law, regulation…)” and “Data Visualization and Storytelling”, an essential dimension to master.
During the “Data Analytics” bootcamp, students will take courses such as “Mastering Data Sourcing”, “Extracting and Transforming Data” and “Business Intelligence and Data Visualization”.
Around half the courses are taught in English.

This track has been tailor-made for students with an analytical mind, who are creative and open-minded, who enjoy problem-solving and who are organized and methodical. This new course will allow those who want to progress to Data Manager, Business Intelligence Consultant, Business Analyst, Big Data Developer, Data Project Manager… to benefit from IÉSEG’s academic excellence, direct practical application in the workplace through apprenticeship, and a unique, immersive experience during the “Data Analytics” bootcamp offered by Le Wagon.

All you need to know about the apprenticeship program “Data Analytics & Visualization”
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Focus on the strategic partnership between IÉSEG and Le Wagon

In 2019, IÉSEG and Le Wagon have signed a strategic partnership to hone IÉSEG students’ Tech skills.
From September 2019, 4 online modules, taught in English and entirely designed and run by Le Wagon, have been integrated into the mandatory curriculum for all students: a web development module, a UX / UI Design module, a ‘data analysis with Python’ module and a module entitled ‘Automation & API’ to learn how to interact with a third-party service by manipulating Application Programming Interfaces.
In 2020, the two institutions also launched the ‘Leadership and Coding’ MBA, which will help professionals to understand the increasing complexity of a changing digital world and to help them to leverage their analytical skills and their versatility in dealing with both the languages of business and tech.
Finally, Le Wagon offers training modules for IÉSEG graduates, so that even after leaving the School, they can continue to develop or update their Tech skills.
This apprenticeship track is yet another block in an already rich partnership between two institutions that are leaders in their fields and internationally recognized for the excellence of their teaching.

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