MSc Big Data Analytics for Business Alumna


Alumna, 2017

Many of the courses at IÉSEG make use of project work. Throughout the program, we got to work in groups made up of people with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world.

For my current job as a data analyst in a start-up in Paris that focuses on end-to-end payment solutions for Marketplaces, Crowdfunding and Fintech platforms, the international dimension is quite important. I can appreciate better the perspectives of my colleagues who are from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands (and of course France) and that has enhanced my work environment and my career.

Courses at IÉSEG taught me to put forward business presentations which I found to be extremely useful in making presentations to management and customer teams.

The IÉSEG style of teaching acknowledges students as adults and encourages independent learning, paving the way for the working world, making us confident in dealing with issues as they arise.

Published on: May 21, 2019

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