Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


  • Format

    2 semesters + internship

  • Languages


  • Location

    Paris – London

  • Fees

    €8,000 + £8,160*

  • Intake


  • Credits

    90 ECTS



The MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to develop critical understanding and the ability to reflect on the importance of an entrepreneurial attitude in individuals and organizations.
It also aims to develop students’ critical thinking in order to evaluate the factors affecting the success of new venture creation and the innovation process; and provide the necessary tools to evaluate the attractiveness of new business ideas.
Using action-based learning aimed at offering insights into the complexity of the entrepreneurial and innovation process, students will evaluate problems seeking to respond to challenges. Students will gain experience with the unique qualities of the entrepreneurial decisionmaking process, as well as the skills of advanced networking and team working in order to compete in a rapidly changing business environment.

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Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dr. Tiago RATINHO – IÉSEG & Dr. Louise SCHOLES – Loughbourough University

Academic Directors

“A unique double degree program immersed in an enriching multicultural educational experience, allowing students to develop the critical skills to drive change in existing companies or to develop their own startup.”

Key Program Advantages

  • The program covers a range of topics, such as Technology Entrepreneurship, Creative Business Modelling, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial Funding and Innovation Management.
  • Students also need to complete a group-based entrepreneurial project, supported by appropriate supervision and in collaboration with the School’s incubator.

Career Opportunities

The program’s multi-sector and multidisciplinary approach prepares our students for a wide range of careers:

  • Business Consultant for startups, spinoffs, innovative businesses, and emerging technologies
  • Business Developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship Professional Support (e.g. Incubator Manager, professional Investor)
  • Innovation Manager
  • Research and Development Manager

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Zoom on… The double degree program

Students completing the first semester of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IÉSEG – Paris campus (30 ECTS; 60 UKC) will continue into the second semester at Loughborough University London.

They will thus take four modules that make up part of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation delivered by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) and the Institute for International Management (IIM) (30 ECTS; 60 UKC).
Students shall complete their program with either a capstone project (4-6 month internship or work experience), a thesis, or an entrepreneurial project under IÉSEG-Loughborough joint supervision (30 ECTS; 60 UKC).
Following the reciprocal recognition of the respective semester of courses (1st and 2nd) and the approval of the joint supervision of the third semester project, students shall receive the appropriate MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree from Loughborough University and the equivalent from IÉSEG.

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