Founded in 2014, IÉSEG’s Center for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR) is an integrated, cross-departmental academic center that coordinates pedagogical and research activities and initiatives regarding social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics.

ICORThe objectives of ICOR include: advancing state-of-the-art pedagogy; developing sound academic research in the field of business and society relationships; bridging academic research with business practices and reality; and contributing to the progress of communities with whom the School interacts.


ICOR’s activities are organized around 3 main interrelated pillars:

  • Research
  • Learning and education
  • Service to society and stakeholder relationships

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ICOR key facts:


Founded in 2014
Founded in
20 team members
Team members
28% of IÉSEG faculty are ICOR members
of IÉSEG faculty are ICOR members
20 team members
Publications in 2017